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PicturePunches Introduction
The Rules
Rules For Creating a New Account:
  • You can have up to 3 accounts. All additional accounts will be deleted.
  • You must be atleast 16 years of age to use our website.
Rules For Posting Memes:
As a great example check out Farris profile on PicturePunches.
  • Do not post adult content such as nudity or violence.
  • Do not post content that offend other users such as religious and personal.
  • When creating a post please make sure to select the right language and category. Otherwise your post will be deleted.
  • This site is for funny memes only which means that you must not post any other content such as wallpapers or random pictures.
  • Make surre to put an effort into your memes that means no "LOL", "Haha" captions. You must write a funny caption.
Rules For Featured Users:
  • You must post original memes created by you.
  • You must use PicturePunches font on your memes. Preferably white with a black stroke.
Rules For Advertising on PicturePunches:
We do not permit advertising for adult, gambling or political campaigns.