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Winne the Pooh saying
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That moment you get tired asf of algebra and tell the teacher this....
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That moment your parents tell you to smile for the camera...
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Pay Back
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Is the Devil being part of the Illuminati a coincidence? I think not!
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Duolingo bird has trapped your mom. You must save her by doing this protip.
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How to make your aesthetic friend become religious
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All about dat Penis and Herb
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When vaccinated kids die by getting hit by a bus...
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What girls really mean with
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When the cop thinks vaping is gay...
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The reason why Iron Man and Cap joined forces again in Endgame
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Subtitles are the only ways deaf people watching Pornhub can understand
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That moment when your RPM goes down from $1 to $0.93
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When one of the Kardashians is part (oops... I meant half) dog
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The Kardashians
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