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Make Money From Memes
PicturePunches Tips
Creating a Channel
Tip #1: Choose a funny or creative name.
Channel name is very important. It's the first thing that the user reads about your channel. Choosing a great name insures that users click and see your channel. Make sure that capitalization is proper to make the channel stand out.
Tip #2: Choose an awesome picture for your channel.
The picture can say a ot about your channel. So choose a funny picture and make sure it dos not have caption or text on it.
Tip #3: Pick a topic you can make good jokes about.
Topic is very important. Users love to see a niche channel rather than general or random memes. This will help you a lot with subscribers.
Posting Memes
Tip #1: don't be lazy
If you are gonna do something do it right. Make sure to put effort into your memes. 1 great meme will get you a lot of subscribers with less effort, whereas, 10 crappy memes will leave you with less to no subscribers.
Tip #2: One meme per day is better than 10 memes every now and then.
Make sure to be consistant with your uploads. You might lose subscribers if you post 10 memes and the next day you don't post anything.
Tip #3: Add funny captions
A funny caption can make the meme more fun, thus, earning you more subscribers and money.
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