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PicturePunches Introduction
1. Choose a Good Username:
Make sure that your username is easy to remember, write and share.
2. Upload a Profile Picture:
To make your profile stand out and memorable, upload a profile picture.
3. Comment and Donate on Other Pictures:
By participating on the website you make it more pleasurable to use the website for you and others.
4. Post Great Content:
People browse other profiles all the time and if they see a profile that they like they will subscribe. Also great content make users stay long on your page, thus, more money for you.
4. Gather Points:
If you want your meme to get maximum exposure make sure to gather points by viewing other people's memes. Then you can spend your points on your next upload.
4. Post One Great Meme Everyday:
By posting original and funny content you support PicturePunches. Users will not come back if the website is filled with bad content.
5. Make Your Memes Stand Out:
By using a unique font of your choice, or selecting a color that is unique to you, you make your memes stand out and people will notice your memes and subscribe.
6. Choose a Specific Topic To Create Memes On:
By posting on a specific niche, like success kid for example, you let other users know what type of content you upload. This way if people like your memes they will subscribe.
6. Advertise Your Page:
Do you want more subscribers? You should advertise on PicturePunches. You can do that for just $0.01 per 1000 impressions.