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PicturePunches Introduction
What is PicturePunches?
it's a funny pictures and memes site that users can earn from by posting memes.
How do I start earning from PicturePunches?
Your account must have at least 20 pictures or be 7 days old to start earning.
How do I earn money on PicturePunches?
The only way to make money on PicturePunches is by posting memes. Each meme has an ad below it, you earn from that ad impressions.
What is the right section for my post?
There are four major sections on PicturePunches:
What is RPM and why is it changing?
RPM stands for (Revenue Per Mile). Mile means 1,000 impressions. RPM changes depending on advertising bidding for ad space.
How do I earn points?
Earning points is important for posting memes. The only way you can earn points is by browsing others memes, and specifically new memes. You get to earn 5 points for every new meme that you see and if you are featured 20 points for each meme. And on top of that 250 points will be added to your account everyday.
How many points does an upload cost?
The minimum points required to upload is 250 points. Whatever you spend on your uploads will become the memes score.
What is the minimum withdraw amount?
Currently the minimum is $1.00 USD
How am I gonna receive my earnings?
You need a PayPal account for us to send you money. Make sure that you can receive money from other PayPal users. This is a common mistake with our users. In case this happens we will have to cancel the payment and send it back to your account.
How long does it take to receive my earnings?
We send out dozens of payments everyday and usually you will receive it in less than 24 hours.
How can I be a featured member? And what is the point of being featured?
If you want to be featured you have to follow the rules, upload original and funny content and follow the tips created by us. Being featured will get you more exposure and you will earn more points per view.