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General Tips

Tip #1: Pick a Niche:

Pick a niche that you know very well and that you deal with every day. Like computers, games, sports, work, life, relationships, basically anything. Think of something you have a lot of problems with. Problems equal funny.

Tip #2: Upload Funny Profile Picture:

Upload a funny channel and profile images. This will distinguish your content from others.

Tip #3: Write Funny Descriptions:

Funny description make channels and the website funnier and more fun to browse.

Tip #4: Write Funny Captions:

Funny captions will make the meme you uploaded even funnier. Make sure to write one.

Tip #5: Submit Funny Comments:

Make the site more fun by commenting on other memes with something that is funny. This will make the website more fun for you and others.

Tip #6: Always Post Original Content:

If you follow the rules you will be featured and all your memes will be approved automatically. So make sure to always follow the rules.

Tip #7: Share Memes On Facebook:

If you see something you like share it with your friends on Facebook. Our share buttons have your affiliate link in them so whenever someone registers from a meme you shared you will be earning from that user.

Tip #8: Advertise On PicturePunches:

Take advantage of our ad platform and promote your channel in order to get more subscribers. You don't need to spend more than 2 cents per 1,000 impressions.

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