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Website Rules

#01: You Can Only Have One Account.

Do not create more than one account. We will ban you from all accounts if we catch you.

#02: Your Memes Must Be Original.

Do not copy memes from other websites or other users on the site, you must upload your own work.

#03: Your Memes Must Be Funny.

Create funny memes for your subscribers. You need to put an effort into your memes.

#04: Select The Right Language.

Do not upload memes in the wrong language. You need to post memes to users who understand your language.

#05: Don't Make Fun of Any Religion.

Some people worship these figures. Do not make fun of God or any religion whether it's right or wrong.

#06: Your Images Must Be of High Quality.

Do not upload blurry memes. Your users must be able to read and understand your memes.

Most modern websites place small files called "Cookies" on your computer which improve your browsing experience and enable the website to function effectively. Please accept our policy or close the window.

I Accept All Cookies