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Website Rules

If You Follow These Rules You Will Be Recommended!

Rule #1: Do Not Copy Memes From Other Websites.

You must create your own memes. If you copy memes from other sites we will ban you from using the site.

Rule #2: Do Not Make Fun of Any Religion.

Some people worship these figures. Do not make fun of God or any religion whether it's right or wrong.

Rule #3: Your Memes Must Be Humorous.

Create funny memes for your subscribers. You need to put an effort into your memes.

Rule #4: You Must Write a Good Caption For Your Memes.

You must write a funny or descriptive caption for your memes.

Rule #5: You Must Select The Right Language.

Do not upload memes in the wrong language. You need to post memes to users who understand your language.

Rule #6: Your Images Must Be of High Quality.

Do not upload blurry memes. Your users must be able to read and understand your memes.

Rule #7: Do Not Add White Space On Your Template.

Templates must not have white, black, or any other color space on top or on bottom. Users can add them using imgflip.

Rule #8: Use The Same Template When Uploading To Templates.

Upload your memes using the same template that you have selected.

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