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How To Use PicturePunches

How to Post a Meme:

In order to post memes you need to create an account and have enough points. If you have both just go to the channel page and click on upload.

How to Earn Points:

You can earn points by rating memes and channels. Also, you will earn points each day you visit.

How to Report Content:

You should report content that are violating the rules and provide a reason for reporting so we can take action.

How to Advertise on PicturePunches:

In order to advertise you must become an advertiser. You can then create a campaign. To activate your campaigns you need to have money in your balance or deposit money using PayPal.

How to view memes in your language only:

If you want see memes in your language only go to 'Edit Account' and boxcheck each language that you want.

How to refer new users to PicturePunches:

You just need to copy your referral link on the 'Referrals' page and share it on the web.