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How To Use PicturePunches

How to Post a Meme:

To post a meme you need to create a channel. After you have a channel, you can go to that channel and click on "Upload Meme". In order to post memes you need points. You can earn points from rating other memes.

How to Report a Channel:

If you see channels that are violating the rules please report them to us by going to channel page and clicking on "Report Channel". Make sure to fill out the form with a reason and submit the report.

How to Advertise on PicturePunches:

To advertise you need to create a new campaign. Just go to "Advertise" and click on "Create a New Campaign". After you finish creating your campaign it will be reviewed by us. If your ad is fine you will be approved in less than 24 hours. After that you can make a deposit to fund your account.

How to Earn Points:

You can earn points by visiting the site, or rating memes and channels. Each day you visit you will earn points. Also, each meme has a 3 ratings, okay, funny and hilarious. You can also rating channels by going to the channel and rating it from there.

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