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How To Use PicturePunches

What do I need to start uploading?

You need to create a channel so you can upload memes to it. Only you can upload memes in your channel.

How can I upload a meme?

Just go to the channel you want to upload to and click on upload. The channel has to be yours in order to upload.

How can I delete a meme?

Just go to the meme page and click on "Delete Meme". Please note that this step cannot be undone.

How can I advertise on PicturePunches?

You need to create an account, then you need to create a campaign. If you have one campaign active you can deposit money into your account to fund your campaigns.

How can I earn points?

You can earn points by rating other memes and channels. Featured members can also earn points from reporting channels or memes.

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