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How To

How to Upload Memes?

You can upload memes to channels or templates. In order to upload memes to channels you must create one first. You will also need points to upload memes.

How to Earn Money?

You need to post memes in order to make money. You will earn from each ad impression.

How to Withdraw Money?

You can withdraw money from the "Withdraws" page under "Dashboard". You need to have at least $1.00 to request a payment. We will send you your money within 24 hours.

How to Join Our Affiliate Program?

You can join by copying your referral link and promoting it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or you can share it on forums and blogs.

How to Get Featured?

You need to follow the rules and post funny memes. Also you need to have a complete profile like a profile description and image.

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