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Monthly Contest

How much is the prize?

There will be 3 prizes. 1st prize (gold) get to earn $50 USD. 2nd (silver) get to earn $25. And 3rd (bronze) get to earn $10.

What are the rules of the contest?

Any user who spam the website with bad memes and bad comments will be eleminated from the contest and the prize will go to the next person who is following the rules.

How do you determine who wins?

Each task on the site will earn you points which will be added to your score. The top 3 users with highest score and following the rules get to win.

When will be the prizes given?

At the first day of each month.


#1: Posting: 25 points.
#2: Comment: 15 points.
#3: Rating a Channel: 5 points
#4: Rating a Meme: 1 points

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