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About PicturePunches

What's PicturePunches?

PicturePunches is a funny pictures and memes website that users can earn from.

Who's PicturePunches for?

It's for people who like memes and people with a sense of humor who want to make money.

How does PicturePunches work?

Users get to upload memes, each meme has a sponsord ad below it. Users get to earn from these ads impressions. In order to upload memes you need points. You can earn points by rating other memes and channels.

What type of content does PicturePunches have?

We have funny memes and pictures in the form of images. We don't have GIFs or videos, just images.

Why use PicturePunches?

Because it's fun and the easiest way you will make money online.

Why is there a registration fee?

We want to help our advertisers, who are paying you and us, to reach real people and not bots.

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