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Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia
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Someone is searching for Kermit pepe. I guess someone is horny for Kermit
Kermit The Frog
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Apple inside an Apple iPhone package, inside an Apple cake
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Damn! I was away for too long.
Farris $0.01630
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Stares motherfuckingly ...
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Run chicken, run
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Have the decency to wear clothes Coca Cola
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It's better than your current phone. Just a bit better, and way more expensive.
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Too bad the president did not graduate from pharmaceutical collage. WE CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU.
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Why do doctors treat us like we are stupid. You can say open your mouth, you know.
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What are you blabing about sandwich maker?
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I always god bless you when I look at the sun
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PicturePunches admin when users ask for higher RPM
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PicturePunches users when the RPM go low
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Working on the same work
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Good Boy
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Do you remember the time your doctor turned into a pop up ad?
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